For far too long, the sewing machine service industry has been controlled by a limited few, and designed to keep you in a vulnerable position. Sewing Doc Academy is here to completely shift this paradigm and put you in control.

Currently there aren’t any vocational schools, colleges, or full-scale programs that teach sewing machine service and repair.

Dealers are the main source for service, and their business model is to sell you a new machine rather than fix the one you love.

You may even have to drive for hours just to find a service person or dealer and wait for weeks or months for service.

Our workshops are designed to give you as little or as much as you desire! Whether you wish to start your own business or just learn to work on your own machines, you will learn the same procedures used in the Sewing Doc professional service shop.

Be a Better Sewist

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Learn the Trade

Whether you want to learn to repair machines for career or repair your own machines, our online and live workshops are suited for everyone!

Remove Your Covers

Have a modern machine that just needs the basics to keep it running? This is for you! Eliminate service fees and down time while extending the life of your investment.

Need a Service Tech?

Looking for a Sewing Doc tech to handle your machine service? See if we are in your area!

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Our popular Featherweight SERVICE Workshop is ONLINE!

Own the class for life, take the class at a time best for you, and refer to it as much as you need!
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Using your Featherweight for the first time?  Or need to brush up on your skills?

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Some of the Classes We'll Offer

Singer Featherweight USER Workshop

Learn how to use and sew comfortably with your Singer 221, 222, or 301 sewing machines.  We’ll teach you threading and basic care and much more!  This class will be FREE.

Singer Featherweight SERVICE Workshop

Learn to service and maintain your Singer 221, 222, and 301 sewing machines the same way the professionals do! Cleaning, lubrication, electrical inspection, and much more will be covered in this class.  Never pay service fees again!

Singer 201 & 15-91 Motor Rewiring

These workhorse machines are high value and about as good as it gets.  But most of them have bare external wires at the motor.  This class will walk you through complete rewiring and motor care for these potted motors.

Modern Sewing Machine Service Workshop

This comprehensive class will walk you through the complete service procedure for modern sewing machines, both mechanical and computerized.  If you’re looking to start your own business, this will be priceless!

Vintage Machine CLEANING Workshop

Sometimes old machines need repairs, but most of them just need proper cleaning and lubrication to get them running and stay running.  This class will teach you the same procedures used daily in the Sewing Doc service shop!

Vintage Machine SERVICE Workshop

Go one step further and learn how to adjust timing and make more involved repairs on older machines.  This class will help you rescue just about any sewing machine!  VM Cleaning Class should be a prerequisite.

Motor Service & Rewiring Class (external)

Old motors were built to last, but sometimes they need a little extra loving care.  This class will teach you how to clean and lubricate external motors, and rewire them into machines if needed.  This could save you a bundle!

Vintage Gear Replacement

Those Touch & Sew machines were a brilliant concept, but the gears commonly break and shred.  Once replaced, you’ll get another 50+ years of use.  This is extremely involved but will save many machines.

Serger Machine Service

Whether to care for your own or to add to your growing professional skills, this class will teach you everything from cleaning to looper and needle timing adjustments.  It’s the real deal!


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