Below you will find a description of the three different avenues of learning currently offered through the Sewing Doc Academy.  You can pick and choose what works for you, and you can combine your favorite parts from each of the three elements.

Please note that this is just the start of the Sewing Doc Academy. We are constantly updating and adding new programs, and we won’t stop until we’ve built and entire vocational program, both live and online, to offer more options in quality sewing machine service.

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This series of videos, blog posts, and resources that are free to everyone. Here you will find fabulous gems of information to improve your sewing experience. The thing about sewing is that you don’t “know” these things until someone tells you.

After years of servicing sewing machines professionally, I can tell you that many issues with sewing machines are simply user error. Most of us are self-taught in sewing, meaning our learning experience came from the internet, passed on to us by a family member, or through trial and error. Here, we try to reduce your issues so that you can avoid a trip to the service technician if at all possible.

This is the really good stuff!  This is where you’ll find our workshops that teach you the same procedures used in the Sewing Doc service shop.

Hobbyists can learn to clean machines and take care of their collection – it’s costly to pay for multiple machines! Take it one step further and learn timing adjustment, repairs, motor wiring, and gear replacement s your confidence grows.  Armed with this knowledge, you can be of service to others.

Classes won’t be limited to vintage and antique machines, we’ll roll out a comprehensive workshop in modern machine service as well.

For those considering a full career change, side income, or second career in retirement, certification options will be available to provide you with the credibility and confidence your customers are looking for!

The Remove Your Covers series is ideal for the home sewist that doesn’t really want to get into the heavy stuff, but wants to keep their machine running.

Sewing machines should ideally be serviced once a year to keep it running optimally, but we know that doesn’t happen, right?  For one, that’s spending money that can be spent on fabric.  And two, that’s 3-6 weeks without the machine AND sometimes a long drive to pick up and drop off.

This series will teach you the same procedures Sewing Doc uses to clean and lubricate your machine!  Each course is designed for a specific family of machine, so the only time you need to pay a technician is when something is truly wrong with your machine.