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Workshops & Certification

Below you will find a growing list of workshops we are rolling out as quickly as we can!  Click the links for more information on the LIVE and ONLINE class options.


All classes below are perfect for the hobbyist just looking to know as much as possible as well as the individual interested in starting a repair business. If you would like to be notified of classes and programs as they become available, please submit the form at the bottom of the page.


To the right, you’ll find a document helpful for determining the classes that will be best suited to your needs.

How to Use Your Singer Featherweight

This class will teach you everything you need to get started using your Singer 221 or 222 Featherweight, AND there’s a bonus section that includes the Singer 301!  We’ll cover everything from how to wind a bobbin, thread the machine, change the needle, basic maintenance, adjusting the tension, and more!

Online Class Fee:  FREE

This class is available online only at this time.

Singer Featherweight SERVICE Workshop

This workshop will teach you everything you need to know about proper cleaning materials and techniques, lubrication, belt adjustment, lead cord replacement, tension assembly, and more!  Never pay service fees again or hand your baby over to someone else.  Bonus features:  extra sections teach you specifics on the Singer 221k (white/celery) and the Singer 301!

Online Class Fee:  $100 or $79 (SPECIAL PRICE!)   
Live Class Fee:  $125 (includes kit)     

Vintage Machine CLEANING Workshop

Here’s a big secret:  most vintage sewing machines don’t need timing and other major adjustments and repairs, but they all need proper cleaning and lubrication.  This workshop is the prerequisite for all our in-person classes and a good starting point for anyone interested in the world of sewing machine maintenance and repair.  This class covers everything from machine identification to proper cleaning and lubrication materials and techniques to minor part replacement.

This class is useful for the hobby collector tired of paying fees to get machines into working order, but also the foundation for those wanting full service knowledge.

Online Class Fee:  $199 or $159     (available July 2019)
Live Class Fee: $179 + Kit Fee        
(available now)

Vintage Machine SERVICE Workshop

If the cleaning class left you wanting more, this is the heavy lifting!  NOTE:  we highly recommend taking the cleaning workshop before this class.

This class will walk you through the complexities of timing adjustments (needle bar, hook timing, feed dog timing) and other advanced repairs.  Once you’ve cleaned, lubricated, AND adjusted a machine, you can say it’s fully serviced!  If you are wanting to get into the machine service and repair business, or save machines you find at yard sales and thrift stores, this class is a must.

Online Class Fee:  $269 or $239     (available August 2019)
Live Class Fee:  $239     
(starting August 2019)

Using your Treadle Machine & Installing the Belt

So many people are pulling these amazing, reliable machines out of basements, storage sheds, and great-grandma’s living room.  But once you have it cleaned up and restored to working condition, what do you do with it?  This class will teach you the basics that will apply to most any lockstitch treadle machine, from threading, to powering it with your feet.  We’ll also include a lesson on how to properly install and adjust the leather belt.

Online Class Fee:  $49 or $29     (available August 2019)
Live Class Fee:  $39     
(starting August 2019)

Serger & Overlock Cleaning and Lubrication

If you use your serger regularly, you know the amount of lint and build up that will plague your machine!  Stop paying costly fees just to have it cleaned out and lubricated to keep it going – you can do this yourself!  In this class, we’ll teach you to take the covers off of your machine, clean it out, and properly lubricate it.  This class will apply to most serger and overlock machines.  Please note that this is NOT a service class, it is a cleaning and lubrication class.

Online Class Fee:  $199 or $169     (available August 2019)
Live Class Fee:  $169     
(starting September 2019)

External Motor Service & Rewiring for Vintage Machines

Those old machines will keep on humming, but sometimes the motor conks out, has hiccups, or simply needs rewiring.  You don’t have to be an electrician to do this!  We’ll teach you how to get into the motor to clean it properly and how to rewire the cords, plugs, and even change out the motor.  This class applies to external, mounted motors (i.e. Singer 66, 99, Kenmore, etc.).

Online Class Fee:  $159 or $129     (available May 2019)
Live Class Fee:  $139     
(starting May 2019)

Potted Motor Service & Rewiring for Singer 201 and 15-91

Singer 201 and 15-91s are arguably the most “heavy duty” of domestic sewing machines before you get into industrial and commercial machines.  Their main flaw is that the wiring between the motor and the plug deteriorate over time and need replacing.  You don’t have to be an electrician to do this, but patience and attention to detail are a must.  Let us walk you through saving these amazing machines!

Online Class Fee:  $179 or $149     (available August 2019)
Live Class Fee:  $169     
(starting August 2019)

Serger & Overlock Machine SERVICE

This workshop will walk you through full cleaning, lubrication, and adjustments of serger and overlock machines.  Upper and looper timing, looper/needle timing, feed dog timing, some troubleshooting issues, and so much more.  Ideal for the individual looking to service machines professionally, and an real benefit to those that make their living using their machine.

Online Class Fee:  $269 or $229     (available October 2019)
Live Class Fee:  $249     
(starting October 2019)

Modern Sewing Machine CLEANING

Most modern machines only need cleaning and lubrication… but if you have a fleet of machines or don’t have a service person near you, this can be costly and frustrating.  This workshop will walk you through getting into the machine, proper cleaning, proper lubrication, and minor issues.  This workshop will apply to most modern sewing machines, but will not be specific to any one brand or model of machine.

Online Class Fee:  TBD     (available November 2019)
Live Class Fee:  TBD     
(starting November 2019)

Modern Sewing Machine SERVICE

Take your modern machine knowledge all the way with this service class.  Go beyond proper cleaning and lubrication and dive into timing adjustments (hook, needle, feed dogs, etc.), troubleshooting, and complex repairs.  This workshop will cover most modern machines and is not specific to any one brand or model.  Note: this workshop does NOT cover electrical/computer issues, such as replacing LED screen, etc.

Online Class Fee:  TBD     (available Late 2019)
Live Class Fee:  TBD     
(starting Late 2019)

Midarm & Longarm Machine SERVICE

There’s a lack of service professionals for ALL brands of mid/longarm machines, and we’re all tired of boxing them up and sending them off for service.  This workshop will take you step-by-step through most brands/models of machines, covering everything from proper cleaning and lubrication to resetting the hook/needle timing.  Think of the money and time you’ll save!

Online Class Fee:  TBD     (available Late 2019)
Live Class Fee:  TBD     
(starting Late 2019)